Awards & Recognition

My icons have received a lot of recognition, which is very satisfying. They have been displayed on many sites other than mine, and some of the recognition I have got I will shamelessly brag about on this page.

Icon Design Book In my own view, this is the most impressive recognition I have ever gotten for my icons - being featured in the famous designer Steve Caplin's new standard book on Icon Design. With three sets! No other designer except for the really heavy ones, like Susan Kare and the team at Adobe, have gotten so much room in this magnificent piece of literature.

This more than 200 pages thick book tells the whole story about computer icons, how they came to be, how and for what different purposesthey are made, and different varieties of icons.

Read more about Steve Caplin on his site Steve Caplin Photomontage.

MacPeople Magazine In the beginning of the new millennium - February 2000 - for the third time in the Japanese Mac Magazine MacPeople another set of my icons was featured in the magazine, and on the CD adjoining it.

This is also the fifth time my icons are featured in a Japanese magazine.

Rather impressive, don't you think?

IconTown Banner

During Autumn 1999 Bernd Holzhausen on IconTown made a little game on the pages, where he made a joke with me.

If you want to see what he did, you may take a look at a screenshot if you click here.

MacNytt banner

In November 1999 I was mentioned on the Swedish Mac news site MacNytt.
They claim that I am "one of the creative people who has permanently put Sweden on the International Icon map".

IconManiac display

In September 1999 I came in 2nd place AGAIN (for the third time!), on Jason Chong's IconManiac's Top Ten list. This time with my "Story of the Black Knight icons".
I wonder if I will ever reach first place there...

If you want to see more about that, and read the overwhelming reactions from the judges, you may take a look at a screenshot if you click here.

Cool Site Award In September 1999 I was also mentioned on another Swedish Site,, with the words "Calles Custom Icons is a very very very cool icon site with lots of lots of icons!".
I also recieved a cool "Site Award".

MacPressen In September 1999 I was mentioned on the Swedish Magazine site MacPressen.

IconJam In June 1999 I was one of 20 iconists participating in the so called "Icon Jam", arranged by IconPlanet.
One icon per iconist, same theme for all.

Wild Icons In June 1999 the computer game Wild IconsTM, by Gary Yonaites, was released, featuring a number of icon artists, including me.
If you would like to try the game, you can download it for free from the Wild Icons website.

The Apple Collection In June 1999, some of my Mac-banners where published at "The AppleCollection" site. If you want to go directly to the page where all the banners are, click here.

Kid’s Domain In April 1999, my Flag Icons where posted at a site for children -"Kid’s Domain"
There they keep an icon page, called Icon Mania.
If you want to go directly to the page where my flag icons are, click here.

MacPeople magazine cover In February-March 1999 another two sets of my icons were featured in the Japaneze Mac Magazine, and on the CD adjoining the magazine: MacPeople; the MacOS icons and The Black Knight icons.
This is the fourth time my icons are featured in a Japanese magazine, so I'm getting used to becoming more and more of an international icon artist. :-)

MacWorld logo It all started with the Swedish MacWorld Magazine more than one and a half years ago, and now again in January 1999 I have been featured on their website - but this time with this site of mine, Calle's Custom Icons.
The article about my site was short, but very appreciative. They very seldom tip about other sites, but for mine they obviously made an exception.
They actually said that "this site you have to visit!"
For those of you who read Swedish, here's the article in full:

[99-01-27 10:00] Ikoner är en av de saker som gjorde Macen känd, och för den som gillar ikoner är Calles Custom Icons en sajt man måste besöka.
Det hör till ovanligheterna att vi tipsar om sajter, men idag gör vi ett undantag. Dels för att vi vet att intresset för ikoner, eller symboler som det egentligen heter, är mycket stort bland Mac-användare, och dels för att det är en svensk som har sajten.
Calles Custom Icons är en sajt med massor av ikoner i alla möjliga varianter. Enligt Carl Johan Rehbinder som driver sajten finns här över 1 800 olika ikoner att välja på, och hittar du inte det du är ute efter här finns en länksamling med länkar till ett 80-tal andra ikon-sajter.
Kaleidoscope är ett annat populärt verktyg för att piffa till Macens utseende, och Calles Custom Icons har ett antal olika Kaleidoscope-teman att välja på.

Jag gillar ikoner, ta mig dit!

Top 10 banner

In the beginning of 1999, Jason Chong, the IconMANIAC, enlisted some icon artists to act as judges for his Top Ten List. And for February 1999 I acted as a Guest Judge.
This unfortunately disqualifies me as contender to the list - but what can I do? ... ... It's a lot of fun judging, too.

Mac100% magazine cover And in december 1998 some more of my icons were featured in the Japanese Mac magazine Mac100%, again alongside with some of my finest fellow artists, such as Layne Karkruff, IronDevil, Jason Wohlstadter, Forrest Walter, Jin Wook Choe, Justin Dauer, Gary Gehiere, Paul Harmon, Bri and Paula Gipson.

MacPeople magazine cover In December-January 1998-99 another set of my icons; the Smith & Wesson icons, was published on a CD from yet another Japanese Mac Magazine: MacPeople.
To my knowledge, they don't have a website of their own either.

Mac100% magazine cover In october 1998 a large amount of my icons (alongside with some of my finest fellow artists, such as Brian Brasher, Sonny Del Castillo, Wendy Lee, Layne Karkruff, Michael Picagli, Ilona Melis, Cindy Yep, Andrew Payne, and IronDevil) were featured on a CD, attached to the Japanese Mac magazine Mac100%.
Strangely enough, this magazine has no website of their own. But then I realize I may be spoiled, living in Sweden - the country with the highest amount of computers per capita.
Here everyone has a website.

Top Ten image I came in again Number Two on IconMANIAC's Top 10 list in November 1998, this time with my Smith & Wesson Icons.
To quote Jason Chong, the Iconmaniac himself: "Realism icons that'll shoot away the rest of the icons at your desktop".

Icon Summit 98

In the end of September 1998, Dave Brasgalla from IconFactory came to Sweden to visit a friend. So we gathered some Swedish iconists in Stockholm, had lunch and a pleasant afternoon on the town.
Of course we had to take a picture of this event, with all us iconists standing on Riddarholmen, in front of the City Hall on the other side of the water.
Yes, Stockholm is a town built on islands, and probably one of the most beautiful cities in the world.
I know Dave agrees with me on this.
This picture was taken by a man who just happened to pass by (like so many tourist group-photos), and is also posted on the IconFactory website.
From left to right, the participants were: myself, (holding the Iconfactory t-shirt), Magnus Ewert (Swedish Icons), Sara Sara's Icon Parade), and of course Dave (IconFactory & Pixelhaus) at the far right, holding a Pixelhaus t-shirt.
T-shirt badge If you would like to have such a fabulous t-shirt for yourself, go to the IconFactory and order one right away!

Linkadaweek In september 1998 "Calle's Custom Icons" got the attention of being the "Link a da week" at IconPlanet.

IconMANIAC's Top 10

And I came in Number Two on IconMANIAC's Top 10 list in May 1998, with my "The Village" icons.

Comet Systems Banner Comet Systems is a New York based company that produces a software which changes the cursor in your computer, when you come to a certain site. This is a software that webdesigners just love, since they can control what the cursor will look like in computers all over the world.
During the spring 1998 I was asked to make a series of cursors for them, so alongside with some other professional icon artists, I designed a set of cursors for them.

MacTown logo

Some of my icon sets are also downloadable from other sites, Such as "The Village", at Matthew Kelleigh's MacTown.

Poison's Icons logo

Based on Sonny Del Castillo's "Native American Icons", I made a set of "Native American Folder Icons", and except for my own site, they are also to be found at Sonny Del Castillo's site Poison's Icons.

IconTown Banner And of course I'm also a proud citizen of IconTown!
Probably no other artist has more houses there at the moment.
One feature of IconTown is publishing interviews with different Icon Artists, and the first one to be honored in this way was in fact me.

Stingray's Icons Top Ten List I also recieved an Award from Stingray's Icons Top Ten List, being elected as Number One during Jan-Feb 1998 with my Rune Icons.

Stardust Award

Later, when I got out on the Internet (october 1997), I have gotten more recognition, such as having four of my Icon sets on the Stardust Page on Sara's Icon Parade, which rendered me the Stardust Award. Still today, my Rune Icons, the Swedish Roadmarks, and my Native American Houses are represented there.

Astea logo The most important feedback from my being published on the Swedish MacWorld website, was getting a lot of lucrative commercial work for ASTEA/Abalon, a Swedish software company. If you want to take a look at what I have done for them, go to my MultiArt Productions page, and look for Digital Art.

MacWorld logo It started in August 1997, when the Swedish MacWorld Magazine published a large collection of my early icons on their homepage. This was even before I was at all connected to the Internet.

I just sent a diskette to MacWorld, and they liked it enough to publish. That gave me a lot of feedback, with people sending me diskettes by regular mail, with their own icons, different software, good advice and so on.

If you want to read some of the nice things people have said about my icons, go to the Fan Mail page!

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