Fan Mail

The most inspiring kind of recognition must be all the wonderful letters I have recieved from different persons who downloaded my icons.
Here I share some of the nice things people have said about my icons:

Just a short piece of fanmail to say that I really enjoy your icons, especially your Rune set and Black Knight set.
Very cool!


Excellent icons!

I visited your web site today. I have just discovered the availability of wonderful customizing file folder icons such as yours.
I downloaded your Black Knight icons and Miscellaneous folder icons to help turn my hard drive into something one might look at with easy recognition and pride.
Thank you for sharing your work with me and other people on line.


Hi, I'm writing you from Italy, cause I'd like to say "thank you" for your Icons!! They are great!!! How you "built" them? I've found 'em on a cd of an italian magazine.

Tack för dessa fantastiska ikoner!

Tak for dit nyhedsbrev. Dine ikoner er fantastiske, som jeg har fortalt dig før.

I love your site!!!! It's always a pleasure to visit it.

Thanks for offering such a superb collection of icon folders.
I too, get tired of the same blue folders and have made some of my own, albeit not as well done as yours.
I'll enjoy seeing the Miscellaneous group that I downloaded, on my desktop!!


I really like your icons!

imponerande samling.....mkt bra!

Found your site by first discovering Gary's superb Wild Icons Slot last week.
Thank You so much for your most excellent freeware.
I'm so excited about finding Wild Icons and now your site, that I've cracked open a bottle of red wine to celebrate. Yee-haaaa!
Once again, I'm utterly thrilled to be offered free enjoyment of your artistic talent.
My corner of the world has become much more visually delicious because of you.


Just thought you should know I'm thrilled with your icons and downloaded a whole bunch of them.
I love your work, and your icons appear all over my desktop. I hope you'll keep adding. They're really useful and fun icons, unlike so many out there that are fun without being useful. Keep up the great work.


You are very creative and I really love your icons.

Just found your site -- it's wonderful, all of it -- not only the icons, but the Macfeelings.gif as well!
Thank you. I shall now proceed to add a lot of "life" to my desktop!


Your work is wonderful and has brightened up my desktop considerably.

I absolutely love the fact that you are strong and secure enough to put the body icons up, and I fell on the floor laughing when I read what you had posted below set 2.
Your web site kicks some serious ass. It's clean, efficient, and fast-loading.


I just want to let you know that I really love your icons,
they are so beautiful and well done.


I think these icons are cool I can use them freely for once thanks.
P.S. I am using them!


I wanted to say "ThankYou" for your web site.
I spent hours trying to find something different for my folders.
Then I found your site.
You had then in zip packs, which are so easy to download.
Thank you so much for not only the icons, but the ease it was to download then.


Thanks for the Icons, and please continue the King Ikthusius story.
Cliff Shaw

Your icons are lovely and easy on the eyes. I love your architectural sensibilities.
Many other icons seem too loud or artistically noisy.
Just wanted to pass along the compliment.
Thanks for the great folder icons, the house on the cliff overlooking the sea is similar to something i would have done and is dear to my heart. The intricate segments were inspired also.
Your miscellaneous folders are fantastick. I feel guilty. You saved me from so much legwork. The art folder, etc, etc. Great!


What a great offer you have for us! I really enjoy your bodyparts-icons!!!


Hello, I just have to say, that I absolutely love these icons and the links.
Keep up the good work and I will be checking your site often for any new stuff.


Great Icons! I have looked for days for special things for Macs on line and Now I found YOU!!
Thank you!!! Do you make elephants???


I really enjoy your icons! I think you did a wonderful job.
Thanks for supporting the Mac.


Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you that your icon page is one of the nicest I have ever seen. Fast, easy to get around, tons of downloads, and great icons.
Really outstanding page. All your work is much appreciated!
Take it easy :)


I love your icons , your web site , art work and your great attitude.
Thanks again for your help.


I like your icons. Thanks for making them available.


Just a little mail to say I had loved your last icons!
When I first saw your BlackKnight icons on PP Contest, I ran immediately to your page to see if they were available for download (and they weren't... :( ).
Now, thanks to your Newsletter, I have them!! And chocolate icons... mm... so appetizing!


Tjena Calle!
Va roligt att du får uppskattning för ditt hårda arbete, och av en så stor tidning som MacWorld.
Det verkar som att din sajt börjar bli riktigt känd, kanske snart dags att sälja lite reklam på sidan, eller utöka till en domän.
Ha det bra och "keep up the good work".

Hälsningar, Magnus

Hi there Carl Johan!
I think your site is absolutely wicked!
I have always been into changing my icons everywhere, at home and at work (where thank god we work with the irresistable Mac as well) but the ones from your site are really top!
Keep up the good work, CU


Hej. Oerhört snygga ikoner du skapat.


Den absolut bästa ikonkollektionen jag någonsin har skådat.
Kunde inte låta bli att downloada flera buntar bara för att se din frodiga fantasi flöda.


Grattis till den fina reklamen på MacWorlds hemsida.
Mediet tycks vända sig huvudsakligen till de Mac-troende, men dit hör ju du också i viss utsträckning. Själv räknar jag mig kanske mer till agnostikerna.
Men lite gratis reklam skadar ju ingen.

Hälsningar, Anders.

Congratulations to a fantastic job!

Det var en samling med trevliga ikoner. Det har du gjort riktigt bra.
Lycka till i fortsättningen också.

Mvh, Mats

Tack ska du ha för flera toppenfina ikoner!

Jag tänker lägga en länk till dig på min sida.
Din sida är cool!
Vi hörs....Nu ska jag in på din sida!!!!


The icons on your web site look really great!

You have a large amount of excellent icon sets...
I am sure that most visitors will click through to your site and stay to browse and browse. :)

Take care, Bobbie

Hi there,
I love your site. Keep up the good work.
I just started my own home page and my icon page is up.
All home made cooking. Go take a look.

Kisses, Gianfranco

Hello guy, one word for u :-)
U're a very GREAT artist, felicitation for you're wonderful works
Thanks too, to give us free this hours & hours of works
u're icons is sweet keep in my collection i'm come back often on u're site
Happy new year & lots of good things for u
a french fan :-)


I just found your icons and have downloaded them. I'll let you know how they come out. Great job!

Your icons are great - the 3D effect is so much better than the usual Windows icons!
(I convert them to Windows icon files.)

I just wanted to write you to say 'Thanks!' for the beautiful artistic icons you drew,
and offered for freeware
I was getting incredibly bored with the plain original icons,
and lucked out by finding your icons via The Icon Arcade.


Great icons!!!

Your site looks very cool! Keep on the good work.

Great site and great icons -- the best I have seen!

I was looking thru the LBHC website and found this site.
I think the icons and folders are beautiful.


I found this week your great icons in the web.
I`m using your S.A. flags in my diary, and their are great!!!
(I work as a tourist guide, in spanish, here in Israel,
and evry group is marked with the country flag).
Thanks a lot, and keep doing flags!


I've seen your icons often but didn't know about your site until I saw that you had won a TOP 10 rating on Iconmaniac.
I really like your site and am hoping that you would include my site on your links page.


A quick note to say that I like your icons! Nice work!

For quite some time I have enjoyed your work (especially your Runes)
and would consider it an honor to be linked from your web place.
Thank you.

E. Etherknot

Hey you are a Winner of the ICONMANIAC TOP 10 November 1998!
Check it out at :
Thanks for those wonderful icons you have made!
Keep making fantastic icons!


The Ikthusianesque set looks ***great***!!!!!
You have really done an incredible job on this! You have definitely captured Brian's style!


You have just earned 100 cool points.
You're actually (well, aside from Noel/Iconplanet) the first "real" iconist to comment my site :)
I have seen your site/icons and I like it!

My hat is off to you for your skill and I am humbled by the tribute.

Hi, I downloaded some of your icons. I have to admit: THEY ARE THE BEST ONES!!!!!!
I really wanna thank you for letting us use those. I have Photoshop 5.0 but I still don't know how to even start with creating my own icons.


i have been to your page several times,
and i have downloaded several sets.
i think your icons are very excellent in craft,
and you are definitely one of the better icon artists out there.


You have quite a site. Nice Icons and easy navigated :)

Holy cow...that is a huge pile of flag icons!
Is it the biggest flag collection that you know of?


I visited your site.
Beautiful icons were too many to download at once.
I downloaded 2 flag-icons for the time being.
And needless to say added BookMarks.
I go again after send this mail.


Hi Carl!
It's nice to hear from you, because your web site was one of the first icon site's I went to for inspiration when I was starting out on this journey.
Your work is very good and quite prolific.


Your gun icons are very cool!
Especially the bullets icons are very well drawn.


I think your icons were great, again I say the details were not easy to make.
They will be popular! Can I say "Wow" ! ? :)
:) Thanks for the icons and keep making!


Thanks a lot for your recent set of icons - they're fine!

Hi, Calle!
The new S&W Icons look terrific!
The handguns all look great - although I think my favorite is the bullets - very nicely done!!


Saw the Smith & Wesson icons.
Very nice - I'm not some crazy anti-gun nut
(although I don't "pack a piece," as they say in America).
I like a great-looking icon, regardless of the subject.


about your icons.. I think they're great!

Hej Calle, Jeg har lige downloadet nogle af dine icons.
Jeg har ikke set nærmere på dem endnu, men at dømme ud fra prøverne
på din homepage ser det MYCKET BRA ud!
Med de bedste hilsener


Hey, I, like all of your adoring fans wanted to send you a note of encouragement.
I love your icons, I'm a serious icon fanatic.
I've only been collecting for about a year, but I have around 5000 in my collection.
My boyfriend doesn't get it *sigh* but I guess if you have a *gag* pc, you never will, oh well, such as life!
But anyway, I've downloaded pretty much all of them and they look spectacular, very professional,
they shall bring me many hours of iconic pleasure :-D
Keep up the good work!


thank you very much for your pretty icons.
Un petit bonjour de Nancy (France).


You have wonderful icons! Such sculptural detail and such a vivid palette.
Thank you for sharing them with others.


I can speak english a little.
Thank you very much.
I like your Icon.


wow!!! so many stuff in it!
i've only checked the icons for now. those r really good stuff!
it's amazing how much detail you fit in a 32x32.
i'll be spending more time in your site as soon as i get more sleep ...
thanks for the update!


Have down-loaded your "Royal Red" scheme. Very cool. Great job.

Thank you very much for your icons.
I will enjoy it every day in front of the screen of my Mac.


Hi Carl!
I got inspired to look around for some Native American Icons and surfed into your web site from poison's icons.
Unfortunately they were all in MAC format and I have an IBM PC so I didn't want to stay and drool - What I saw was really cool!
I LOVE your Native Folder Icons and Native house the best!
So, I will cross my tiny fingers as I sit here by candle light listening to R. Carlos Nakai and slowly reloading my now recovering PC, that next time I come visit your site maybe... just maybe you will have used your magic to create some of these Native American beauties for those of us with Windows 95/98.


Hi Carl:
Great Icons . . . I downloaded a bunch. Very nice work.


I downloaded your folder icons, expanded them using stuff-it for Windows, converted them using MacIco and am now the proud owner of a very pleasing set of great folders in Windows Explorer.
Thanks for all your hard work.


Hi! I love your icons. Unfortunately, I don't own a mac. I would appreciate it if you would save my email and let me know when your beautiful icons will be ready for the rest of us. They are to nice to not have!!


Wow! Great stuff!

i think your icons are great!
you are the first one i emailed about a site..they are really good...Thanks


Thank you for all the wonderful folder icons! I'm always looking for folders & you have the best selection I've ever seen! Thanks again!

Love the icons, keep up the good work...

I like your icon style and appreciate how much detail you put into each one. Links are clever and useful. Thanks,

Hiya!... Just wanted to say that I loved your Icons page ... actually your whole site. Ran across it while looking for Rune Icons for my desktop. Unfortunately I can't use them because I need them for windows. Um, anyway before I keep babbling, the original point was that I loved what I saw. First site I found with some very good downloads.

Calle,I visited your website, as promised, and I liked it as much as I thought I would. In fact I grabbed over 300 icons and 6 or 7 patterns while I was there. Very,very nice work! Naturally, my Viking wench was offended not to see any penises (keys to the Gateway to Paradise?) in the body parts folder, but that's a Dane for you! :>)
Keep up the good work!


Hello, I love several of your icons. Great work. Thank you.

Check it out at :
Thanks for those wonderful icons you have made! Keep making icons!

Jason Iconmaniac!

I managed to make some icons; you really inspired me!

Wow! Right from the initial page load your site amazed me. Beautiful; simply beautiful.

Let me know when you make a new set. You are my favorite "Icon Artist".

I have visited your HP last night. It's cool and a lot of cool icons.
I have download the Village icons and Rune icons. I am very impressed!


I love your new icons! Especially the Teepee. You have really done some great pixel pushing!
I also like the revamping of "Body Parts". You sure are doing some great work! Keep them coming, please!


Hi Carl,
Wow!!! I am impressed with your site. Hot, and I was , er like surfing about, and then apart from the nice honour of being included in your links page, I couldn't resist the Body Bits!!


Jag trodde väl att jag skulle hitta dig i Icon Town.
Imponerande samling ikoner.


Your icons are very impressive. Thank you for making them.

I visited IconTown about two days ago. I was delighted to see that you had moved in and, as always, your icons are splendid!

Ja, du vet då hur du ska fjäska med mej! =^)
3d stilen på dina nya ikoner är ju mina favoriter och jag måste ju säga att de är skitsnygga! Särskilt indiantipin gick inte av för hackor!


I visited your website and looked at your icons. You have a good and clear way to realize your ideas.

I have visited your site and i loved the auto icons.

Congratulation to your great website. I hold on to it, won't loose again, it is bookmarked!

I visited your page. I love your rune icons! It's a shame you didn't win. (Pixelpalooza '98) It was amazing, the quality of icons that were submitted to the contest. It just goes to show that the most creative people use Macintosh! =)

Just to tell you that I have a whole bunch of your icons at home! As for yor icon's ...well now I know why I never thought of winning the Pixelpalooza contest ;-) after seeing your work.

I like your icons very much. very very very good work
Sincerely yours,


Your new icons are fantastic! My favorite is the night and day cottage! That's a neat trick I've got to try and figure out.

I really like the "magic" idea. You're on to something good there... the icons look terrific! More! More!

I actually use some of your Rune icons. I like them so much. I find the way that you made them look like stone, without making them go all "pixelly" when you click on them, fantastic!

Your site looks great! I especially like the use of a picture at the front. It adds a human touch. I like your icons, particularly the car icons! Nicely done...

By the way, don't think I mentioned it, but I really like the Calle's Icons graphic - pretty groovy.

Carl - Your pages look fantastic! I was completely amazed by your painting! I bow before your hyper-realistic abilities! It's apparent that Photoshop knows who's boss when you're at the mouse.
Your buttons and windows are very attractive. Your style shines through in your icons and all things webular!


wow, you did it again! thanks for all the icons! your new enhanced sets of icons are better than ever! now that you've added the small icon resources they're _real_ sets of mac icons - and they're brilliant, too!
I still _love_ your set of rune icons for its clarity and visual strength.
the recent set of volvo icons is also great! what i like most about these are the close-up views, which have kind of an abstract approach. "front left corner" and "rear wheel" are simply stunning - very artistic compositions! i also noticed that you used strong antialiasing on the new pieces - cool! :)


Your icons are very impressive. Thank you for making them.

Tack för dina ikoner, dom är snygga och ser proffsiga ut. Jag var mest förtjust i runorna, garaget och bilarna eftersom dom dessutom är ovanliga.

I Love Your Icons!!!!

MacOS gubbarna är fräcka! Tack för att du skickade dem till mej!

That is really nice work! The only icons I've found worth keeping are your's, Ikthusian's, and mine. We can count ourselves as the three best Mac icon producers IN THE WORLD!

I really like your Volvo and Porsche icons. Actually I really don't like shrunken picture icons, but these were excellent! I also liked the bicycle sign icon.

wow, what a massive collection! :)
Love your Artist Icons!


you've done a great job. Your icons now take their honored place in my collection. Thanks again and take care!

without _any_ doubt you came up with an advanced and very personal style of your own which is showing throughout your entire collection!
Frank B.

Rainbow stripe