Icon Links

Here I display links to some of the best icon sites on the Internet.
I always put quality before quantity, so I can guarantee that every site I link to from here has something outstanding to present.

Albie Wong
I asked Albie if he couldn't make a part of his site where one can download his wonderful icons, which otherwise has been incorporated in his Kaleidoscope schemes only. So he did. And the result is that he suddenly has one of the biggest icon sites around. He has made so many system replacement icons, you just can't imagine the amount.

Around The Pixel
Sandy Marnat-Damez (previously SMD's Web) presents a new site full of Icons, Desktop Pictures, Schemes Resources, Sharewares for Mac and PC.

Biff's Icons
Marc D. Borai is an icon artist who has concentrated on flags. Other than a set with flags of the whole world, he has a special set with flags from different Russian states, different flags from the Netherlands, and Maritime flags.

Blue Sky Heart Graphics
Layne Karkruff has constructed an amazingly attractive site, where he among a lot of other stuff presents outstanding enamel-like and "glassy" icons. He has now also made a set of "Kineticons" - animated icons.

Bry-Back Manor
On this page you can find tons of clipart, but also a page called "An Icon Extravaganza!", where you may find all kinds of icons, both for Macintosh And Windows!!
There are Holiday Icons, Valentine Icons, Easter Icons, Judaic Icons, St. Patrick's Day Icons, General Icons, Circus Icons, Fashion Doll Icons, Fashion Doll Accessories Icons, Noah's Ark Icons, Clipart Animals, and last but definitely not least: Ikthusian Archive, an hommage to Brian Brasher, one of the best icon artists ever, and a place from where you can still download almost all of Brian's icons.

Cartoon Network
Here you can find some comic sets of icons, such as Powerpuff Girls, ScoobyDoo, Flintstones & Dexter icons. There are also screensavers.
If you want to go directly to the downloadables, click here

A new icon site, with three excellent sets of icons, as well as an interesting interview with Brian Brasher.

Yoshihiro Kondo is another amazing pixel artist with a very artistic site that does not only contain great icons, but also art and photos.

Creative Box
Akeem Williams is a sixteen-year-old webmaster who lives in Boston, MA., and he also makes a lot of icons. On his site you can find icons, desktop images, software and - even some poetry!

Dark Edge Designs
Here you can find some sets of icons from comics, TV series and films. Most of it seems to be slightly edited thumbnails, but they are not bad, so check them out.

Dot Studio
A Japanese site with amazing graphics, and a lot of System replacement icons.

A very nice little site with a few very well-made sets to download. Vespa Icons, old radios and suitcases.

Epoch Icons
Jason Wohlstadter is a man with some esthetic vision. He has a website that well deserves to take a look at, if not only for the magnificent graphics (check out his buttons). But he also has wonderful folder icons and excellent patterns to download, made in a very personal style.

Yes, yes, yes!!! Brian is back! The legend in his lifetime, Ikthusian, has strained the rubber band in his back to the extent that it is now pulling him back to the computer, back on the net. And he has celebrated that by designing a beautiful website, with beautiful icons, old and new. You can not find all his icons here, but then you can visit

A small site with some brilliantly made, and very funny "low-tech" icons to download. The author of this site is an old friend of mine, and he likes to play hide-and-seek with you people out there.

Gort's Icons
Forrest Walter is a man with a great sense of humour, a magnificent website and incredible icons. He has made so far 3 sets of icons, with approximately 50 icons in each, and they are all available for download at his site. They are just great, by the way. Very personal style. And do take a look at the rest of his site. Graphically speaking it is just awesome!
And you should also take a peek at his latest production - Hardware Icons - a whole site entirely dedicated to icons from many different icon artists, all with images of computers, digital cameras, computer parts etc.

GreenRabbit Icons
Icons, Desktops and Rabbits...

Hardware Icons
Forrest Walter, the man behind Gort's Icons, has made a theme site, where you can download hardware icons made by many different artists. I f you have any interest in icons depicting hard drives, iMacs, computer parts and such, you've come to the right place.

Hide's Icon Showcase
Hide Itoh is a neighbour of mine in IconTown, and he has a site where one can download a great number of wonderfully beautiful icons. He has now changed the name and address to his site, and and you can find him at his new site PIXTURE STUDIO. One set contains a number of houses, and two of black cats, but most of the icons are food-oriented. There you can find house icons, cat icons, computer icons, car icons,, bakery icons, vegetable icons, beef and sushi icons - and they are all extremely wellmade. This man is a master of ResEdit!

Hiro's Icon
Another Japanese icon site, with a large amount of wellmade icons.

Icon Amazons
A new site representing women iconists only. A beautiful and good initiative in this computer world of boys. This site is run in cooperation by Sara at IconParade, Ilona at IliCon and Sandra at Bry-Back Manor. The site specific graphics were produced by IliCon.
Go get them, girls!

This is a site for those who are unfortunate enough to be Windows-users. :-)
On the IconCool site you may find a software named "IconCool v1.5 for windows 95/98", in which you can convert icons, collect icons, create, archive and extract icons.
Connected to this site are also the sites Icons Online and My Buddy Icons.

The Icon Newsroom! A site with news about what's going on in the world of icons. There are also downloadable icons by different artists here.

Icon Editor
An icon editor software for computers with Windows system.

A very professional site, run by five guys together, with many first-class icons to download.
IconFactory is probably the most linked-to icon site in the world, since they have for a long time maintained the position of true pioneer spirit, representing the hottest in icon design.
Nowadays they have met with a lot of competition, but they still stay among the best of Icon producers.

The Icon House®
Jin-Wook Choe, a Korean icon artist, presents a large number of different custom folder icons. Some of the sets are saved in ResEdit files only.

Icon HQ
Icon Head Quarters is a site by Gary Larocque, and he keeps most of all first-class Copland folder and system replacement icons, but also a set of Lord of the Rings icons, as well as the "The Happy Mac OS Characters".

A rather new icon site, with icons of varying quality - well worth a visit!

Icon Land
Many icons by the artist Mark A. Archuleta, and a good link page. From his site you can also download a good text guide on how to make your own icons, called "Catchin Icons".

IconLinks Library
A pure link page, organized in a different way than what we are generally used to, which may seem a little bit awkward in the beginning, but may well be very nice after a while. Every site is represented by a book cover in a book shelf, and when you click on the book, you go to that site.

Jason Chong is not only a wonderful illustrator artist, but he also makes icons in a very personal style. And more so, he has a Top Ten List, that is one of the most prestigiou in the icon making business. He was away from the Internet for a long time, not updating his page for months and months, but he is back in business again!
And I'm proud to say that some of my own icons this year won a top award at his list ( "The Village", Top Ten May 1998).

Icon Parade
Sara from Sweden runs what most probably is the largest icon site in the world. She has also just done a complete update of the whole site.
Here you will find the largest amount of downloadable icons, and definitely the largest collection of links to other sites in the whole world!
And of course I have to give some special thanks to Sara - a great source of inspiration for many of us icon artists. She has definitely inspired me a lot in my own making of icons.

Icon Sam
Here's another good icon artist; Sam Woo, who makes impeccable icons in 3D / Copland style. The motifs are very unique, sometimes even a little bit strange.
Sam also runs another site; Cursor Café, which features specially designed cursors, for a very special web technology created by the software company Comet Systems.

Lots of icons (StarTrek, Monsters,Babylon 5, X-Men and other Super heroes), Desktop patterns and pictures, fonts, etc.

Iconstree Icons
A lovely little site with very nice, a little bit oldfashioned "System 7-style" icons with great personality.

A fan site featuring a great number of icons by many different icon artists - some of them with no web sites of their own, so you may find icons here not to be found anywhere else.

Here's a fine icon site made by a woman, for a change. Jacqueline Simon presents us with four very different sets of icons, with motifs from Motherhood to The Iron Giant

Build your own house in 32x32 pixel size and move in! A genial German site with a town made from house icons, made by icon artists from the whole world. A true cult site for every pixel-artist. And yes, of course I'm a citizen!
This site is undergoing constant heavy updating, and one of the newest features is a part where different icon artists are interviewed - and the first interview was actually with me.
IconTown also has a small and simple, but very good little tutorial in how to make your own icon houses.

Ikthusian Icons
Brian Brasher is one of my absolute favourite icon artists, or even my no. 1 favourite. I'd make him the King of Icon Design any day. Brian has a very personal style, and he has in so many regards truly been a major inspiration source for many of us icon artists!
For some time he has been off the Internet, only reappearing incognito as Etherknot, and also because of others, with the Ikthusian Archive, run by Sandra, one of Brian's fans, as a subdepartment of Bry-Back Manor, a rather large site.
But now he is back! With Etherbrian he sets the clock right, and believe me - he is back in business! Make your desktop better looking! Go there! Download!

Ilona Melis is a hungarian icon artist, and this is a site I would recommend for anyone who loves cute icons and flowers. You can also find banners, lines, animations and more, all made by the same artist. Being slightly prejudicial, and not at all politically correct, I can say this is a typical girl's site! (but there is good stuff for boys too!)

Iron Devil's Icon Shop
Tomoyuki Miyano is yet another of all the great japanese icon artists, and on his homepage you can find tons of amazing guitar icons, motorcycle icons, Japanese icons - and a lot of other kinds of icons for you to download.

Irvi-Soft - Icon Room
A French site with a few very wellmade and attractive icon sets.

Jason Rainbows
Jason is a very personal icon designer who has developed the usage of Apple icon colours in combination with the 256 colour palette further than anyone else. He inspired me to make my "Magic icons".
He has also some other funny stuff he made for your desktop - check it out!

Jory's Apple Icon Garden Adventure
Contains pictures from Apple Computer's Research & Development Campus in Cupertino, California. On this ground there are a number of scultures, depicting the earliest Mac Icons, and they are forming a garden.

Søren Karstensen is the first Danish Icon Artist on my link page. And he is good! He started the site elephantastic productions, closed it down to join the IconPlanet crew, and now he has again started a site of his own. From this rather new site you can download very wellmade sets of icons.

Kid’s Domain
As the name implies, this is a site for children. On the site you can find all kinds of kid's stuff, including icons, at the page called Icon Mania. On this page you can find icons by a number of different icon artists, including myself - you may find a heep of my flag icons at Flags and Places.

Kinetic Creations
With Kineticon, you can have animated icons on your Macintosh desktop! On this site you can download the program you need to keep your desktop moving, and also many downloadable Kineticon icons. And with the Kineticon application you can also make your own Kines (animated Kineticon icons).

Kool Page
Icons, Kaleidoscope schemes, desktop pictures and other stuff

Another Swedish site (yesss - proud to be from Sweden!), with fonts, icons, screen savers and desktop patterns - all made in a very, very personal style.

A new site where you can find a program called IconShop - for converting Mac Icons to Windows format. According to Peter Stuer, the creator of this program, it is much easier to use than MacIco. Try it and find out.

Live Pencil
Free graphics, animations, wallpapers, icons (for both Mac and Windows) and clipart.

A site where you can find software for converting Mac Icons to Windows format. Unfortunately they only have the software for PC computers, so if you have a Mac and want to convert to your friend's PC:s, this is not for you. But you can tell your friends to go here and pick upp the application.

A Danish "Fan-site", where a selection of some of the best iconists are represented. You can also find other Mac-stuff to download from this site.

Matthew Kelleigh*s wonderfully cute town icons are a part of a greater scheme - to be more specific: a Kaleidoscope scheme. Download both schemes and icons, or either one, at his attractive website.
On his site you will also find one of my Icon sets for downloading - "The Village"

Mad Science Laboratories
Lots of icons - mainly cartoon figures.

Marmalade Moon
Another Swedish site with some really nice icons, and other kinds of artwork and poetry by Catharina, the keeper of the website. She also has a small, but very good linkpage.

Mazerine - Paul Harmon
Paul Harmon is a real artist. On his site, which is also called "Le Voyage" you will find not only icons, but hundreds and hundreds of paintings, drawings, prints, etc. You can go there and just walk through his gallery for a lo-o-ong time.
Paul has probably made more icons than any other icon artist alive. And if you think that there are not enough erotic icons to be found out on the Internet, I definitely recommend his "Eroicons". They are flamboyantly lusty and colourful!
The link above goes to his index page, but if you want, you can go directly to his icons.

Milkman Software
Milkman Software is graphically speaking a rather strange site, featuring icons (some of them very wellmade), games and desktop pictures.

MOZCO !Garash!
Igarashi Susumu is a Japanese artist who, if you ask me, definitely is one of the best icon artists in the world! On this site of his, he displays his incredible Kaleidoscope schemes and equally amazing icons. And he makes them all from scratch in ResEdit, drawing them pixel by pixel.
Igarashi also has a very good guide for making your own icons on his site. Don't miss this!

Mr. Makog’s Home Page
Another Japanese site, with a variety of icons, desktop pictures, software, etc.

Naughty Bits
Andrew Payne, with his Pixelpalooza prize-winning Polaroid icons, has an all new site together with another Icon Artist; Cindy Yep. Cindy has made some hilarious JAVA icons (yes, with coffee beans) and some black-and-white early Mac-style icons.
Andrew is also a Volkswagen enthusiast, and has of course made VW icons for you to download. Go there! Take a look! It's good!

one-button mouse
Very funny and very wellmade icons. Check it out!

Paurian Café
Bri and Paula Gipson have a site where they display some very nice icon sets - I especially like their autumn leaves icons. Check it out!

Perfect Yosemite Icons
Absolutely fabulous 32-bit icons for anyone with MacOS 8.5 or higher, made by John Marstall - a fantastic icon artist!.
Don't miss this!

Petit-Pitou's World!
Gianfranco Spertini lives in Belgium, and he is obviously an excellent illustrator, since he has designed a completely new, very elegant site, with a small amount of downloadable icons - all great, though, so look out for more of them in the future.

Pixelcentric design
Lauri Kieksi is a Finnish designer, and he has this site filled with amazing icons, and desktop pics.

Dave Brasgalla, a very competent icon artist, has joined the crew at Icon Factory, which also means that he moved his icon downloadables to the Factory site. However, he has now put some of the stuff back onto his site, so you can again download icons, sounds and desktop images at this site.

Gary Gehiere is a graphic artist and Mac-a-holic who makes beautiful icons as a hobby. His site is also very professional and clean, and from there you can download hundreds of attractive icons.

Hideki Itoh's new site.

The Pseudo Room
Justin Dauer, a cool graphic designer, makes icons very thoroughly. Check out his clean site, and his cool icons!

Poison's Icons
Sonny del Castillo has a site with some very good icons, especially the Native American Icons, with which he became a winner of Pixelpalooza in 1997.
Also on his site you can find my own folder versions of his Native American Icons.

RAILhead Design
Amazing icons (also Mac OS X versions), fonts, desktops, Kaleidoscope schemes and a lot of other graphic stuff!

Reby's Page
A wonderful site with very personal icons - frogs, pigs, a wonderful 32-bit Solar System Icon Set, and even a set of Trilobite Imprints icons. Odd! And technically impecchable!.

This site is completely dedicated to the application ResEdit.

Ringo Tyakappo
Another Japanese site, with a variety of icons.

Sinas Icons
A Dutch icon artist by the name Aale van der Veen here displays his Watergun icons, Movie mobile icons, Thunderbirds icons and other amazingly good pixellations.

SMD's Home Page
Sandy Marnat-Damez nice web page is closed down, but she has opened a new page called Around The Pixel.

Stingray's Madness
Steve is a Corvette enthusiast who makes his own icons, and has a Top Ten List with new icons every month (at which my Rune Icons came in as Nr. 1 in January/February 1998). At least it is meant to be changed every month.
Judging from the look of this site Steve must be raving crazy, and I like that. This guy is a character - take it as a compliment, Steve! (I know for a fact that he does)

Susan Kare
This is a "Don't Miss This!!!" for any icon enthusiast. Susan Kare is an illustrator artist was the one who designed the original Mac icons, and when Microsoft copied Apples operative system (making Windows), they hired her to make the original icons for that as well.
Susan Kare is not just the Great Icon Guru, she is The Mother Goddess of Icon Design! Check out her site!

Swedish Icons
Magnus Ewert is Swedish like me, although he lives in Gothenburg (Göteborg), which is 500 kilometers south-west from where I live. On his site you can find mostly icons with an emphazis on Swedish motifs, such as Swedish holidays, trams, trains and lighthouses.

Lots and lots and lots of icons...

Three Little Kids
The Second Generation! My own three kids, Caspian, Leonard & Indra, 11, 9 and 7 years old, of course has their own icon site. I have made their site, but all their icons are made by themselves. The first ones were made when Caspian and Leonard was 8 & 6 years old!
Go take a look and download!

Wendy Lee's Icons
Amazing animal icons. Winner of Pixelpalooza some years back, with her Lemur icons. And she came in No 1 on ICONMANIAC Top 10 list in May 2000. This lady really knows how to draw them icons!

Professional Icon Design Service for Software Companies.

Very nice 32-bit icons!

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