Welcome to Calle's Custom Icons!
Download icons and other stuff here for your personal pleasure.
You can also order specially designed icons and other graphics for your software, your website or other digital productions.
At the moment I provide a total of 2333 icons, divided in 64 sets, and 5 Kaleidoscope schemes for downloading.
I also provide almost a 100 links to other icon- and interface related sites.
The icon site I made for my sons, Caspian and Leonard, Two Little Boys, has changed into Three Little Kids, since their kid sister Indra has joined the icon crew.
Check out the Second Generation of Iconists at Three Little Kids!

Three Little Kids Three Little Kids - website by Calle Rehbinder, icons by Caspian, Leonard & Indra Rehbinder.

I have updated the Icon Links page! Old, nonfunctional links are removed, and some new are added.
Still no new icons for downloading...
I have been very busy, so I haven't had any time to finish more sets yet, but I have one almost finished set in the workshop...
Be patient - it's coming!
Miscellaneous Icons
Here you will find the Chocolate Icons, Rune Icons, The Village, and many other sets of colourful icons to decorate your desktop.
Flag Icons
Here you will find Flag icons of all countries of the world, including folder versions.
Folder Icons
Here you will find my Neutral Grey folders, Coloured folders, Typeface folders, Native American folders - all kinds of folders.
System Icons
Some full sets of system replacement icons.
MEGA-pixels for the Big Boys.
Kaleidoscope schemes
Kaleidoscope schemes for your Mac.

Awards & Recognition
All kinds of awards and recognition I have recieved.
Fan Mail
Excerpts from letters I have gotten, complimenting my icon art.

Questions & Answers
The most frequent questions, and of course answers.
Special Design Icons
Samples of icons, buttons and banners, specially designed for a certain purpose, as well as information on how to order icons and other graphic artwork from me.
About Calle
Read a little about Calle Rehbinder, the author of this page, and creator of the here featured icons.
Contact Me!
How to get in touch with me - e-mail address, regular mail address, phone numbers, etc.

Icon Sites
On my Icon Links page I have collected a rather large amount of links to other icon sites.
Other Sites
Here you will find links to other sites with a focus on Interface enhancement, such as Kaleidoscope, patterns, fonts and such.

Converting Macintosh icons to Windows format -
My icons are made with a Macintosh, for Macintosh.
But you can convert them from Mac to PC format.
Check the Q & A section for more information - or go directly to the website Aladdin Systems , where you can find Aladdin Expander 2.0, an application for expanding compressed Mac files in Windows format.
At Xemico you will find MacIco - an application specially designed to convert Mac Icons to PC format.
Or you go to LionTech, where you can find a freeware called "IconShop", with which you can convert and collect Macintosh icons into Windows. Can also be downloaded from c|net - download.com.
Try them both and see which one works the best for you.
© - About copyright and freeware terms
My icons are Freeware - you may use them for personal purposes (meaning at home or at work, in your own computer.

If you like them and use them, please tell me!

If you want to use my designs for a public or commercial purpose, in one way or other publish or spread them (including putting them up on your own homepage), you have to contact me to settle all the legal and/or financial stuff, copyright agreements and such.
Links and banners

cci banner take a bite of cci
cci banner, big version take me to cci
Animated banner ikonhus 1 transp. Calle Calle Calle Calle
If you link to me on your site - feel free to use any of the above banners of mine.

If you prefer a 32x32 image, you can pick the little house, or any of the images of myself.

If you want an even smaller image, you can pick either one of the 16x16 images of me.

The correct link address is:

Nader for President 2004!!!
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