Other Links

Here I display links to some of the best interface enhancement sites on the Internet.
I always put quality before quantity, so I can guarantee that every site I link to from here has something outstanding to present.

Albie Wong
Albie again!! - Not only icons, that is. An enormous site with many features, such as a number of wonderful Kaleidoscope schemes. There are also zillions of links to other sites.

Blue Sky Heart Graphics
Layne Karkruff again - apart from his wonderful icons and Kines, he also makes amazing Kaleidoscope schemes and desktop pictures!

Comet Systems
Comet Systems is a New York based company that produces a software which changes the cursor in your computer, when you come to a certain site. This is a software that webdesigners just love, since they can control what the cursor will look like in computers all over the world. Many icon artists (including myself) has designed cursors for Comet Systems, and many more will come. Unfortunately this software only works with windows (gasp), but a Mac-version is on the way (hooray!)

Joke Wallpaper.com
Hilarious and bizarre stuff for both Mac & Windows. Crazy desktop images and patterns, and links to the weirdest sites of all.

Kaleidoscope Scheme Archive
The BIG Kaleidoscope site, where you can download the Kaleidoscope application itself, and thousands of Kaleidoscope schemes, designed by more than 500 artists (including me). There are also links to hundreds of interesting sites.

A site exclusively dedicated to Macintosh Interface design. Here you will find Icons, sounds, Kaleidoscope schemes and many other features.
Featured there is also a net magazine called ApplePie, with articles around the topic Apple Macintosh.

Tiger Technologies
Tiger Technologies has created five great shareware programs; Window Monkey, Holiday Lights, Menuette, Helium & Speed Beep, that you can find and download on their site.

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