On this page you will find some articles to read - both about the interpretations of the runes, as well as other aspects of the ancient Scandinavian religion and way of life.
As I have already mentioned on the first page, the English department of Grimner's Runes will have less material to read and study, since most of what I write I write in Swedish - first. But if something seems interesting enough to be translated, and I have the time to do this - I will.


  • Reading the Runes - the interpretation and purport of each rune.
  • Are the runes sacred? A personal reflection on the magical and sacred properties of the runes.


  • Reviving broken traditions The advantages and disadvantages of of having to re-create and new-create a religion/spiritual path.
  • Nidstang A nidstang against evil forces in society.
  • Asatro and Racism - why these two cannot blend together.
  • Books - my list of books I recommend.

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