Welcome to Grimner’s Runes!

Grimner’s runes is a page dedicated to the ancient Scandinavian "sed" - the way of our ancestors - which is having a renaissance, growing again in Sweden as well as in other countries.

Grimner’s runes is most of all focusing on the spiritual, mystical, shamanic side of our old pre-christian religion.

In this, the runes as carriers of ancient myths, beliefs and memories are the natural focus for this site.

Inevitably the English department of Grimner’s Runes will have a little bit less material to read and study, since I am Swedish, and most of what I write I write in Swedish - first. But if something seems interesting enough to be translated, and I have the time to do this - I will.

Mina järnrunor på en klippa i skogen


This page is changing slowly, and I have updated the layout slightly here on the English side. On the Swedish side, however, I have added a lot of reading material, so to be able to truly enjoy this website, you'd better be reading Swedish... :-)

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