On this page you can find links to other websites that in one way or another deals with the subjects Runes, Rune magic, ancient Scandinavian mythology, old customs and practices of the pre-Christian Nordic culture, Asatru and old Gods and Goddesses - historical aspects as well as modern application.

All the links are assorted in alphabetical order.
If you know of other sites that well deserves to have a link here - or if you see a link to a site you think is not serious, or even bad, don't hesitate to e-mail me, at

Anglo-Saxon Runes
The Anglo-Saxon runerow, simple as that.
Yo can also visit another site focused on the same subject - Divination with Anglo-Saxon Runes.
On the website Anglo-Saxon Heathenism you may also find an article about The Roots and Use of Runes.

Arild Hauges Runer
This is not your regular website. This is an encyclopedia in Scandinavian History. This is definitely the most ambitious and voluminous site about runes and Scandinavian history that I have ever seen on the net.
This Norwegian site contains more information than all other rune sites I have seen put togeher, and it wouldn't surprise me a bit if this is the largest site on earth on the subject of runes.
But this isn't enough. There are also enormous amounts of articles and information about asatru, Gods and Goddesses, mythology, old customs and traditions etc. The site is of course written in Norwegian language, but there is an English summary also.
Don't miss this! It will make you want to learn Norwegian.

Asatrú Vanatrú Brazil
A website about asatru and vanatru in portuguese (!) from Brazil(!!!).

Badali Jewelry Specialties
A British company that amongst many other things makes very beautiful and interesting jewelry with runic motifs.

Calle's Custom Icons
This page has no particular connection to nordic tradition or shamanism, but if you like to decorate your computer desktop with nice-looking icons, there you will find these lovely runic icons, and many more of other kinds...

Algiz Runsten Jara Futhark folder Reid Solkors

Centralia Fur and Hide
Centralia Fur and Hideis an American site from where you can buy furs, hides, drums and all kinds of shamanic paraphernalia.

Hrafnar is an organization which, like Ratatosk, has a more shamanic/spiritual focus than the regular kind of asatru group. It seems as the emphazis lies on the ceremonies, the Gods and Goddesses, and our relations to them. There are many articles here about runes and seidh.

Institutet för Forntida Teknik
Institutet för Forntida Teknik (The Institute for Ancient Technology) does research with early, historical pre-industrial technology here in the north of Scandinavia, and especially in the subarctic, north pine-forest areas.
Here you can find a lot of information about, and links to, different projects where ancient technology has been applied practically, such as Viking houses and stone age villages.

The Irminsul Aettir Asatru Page
Irminsul Aettir is another one of all the American asatru organisations, and their homepage of course contains a lot of information about their organization, but also other stuff, such as articles to read and an enormous amount of links.

Jordsvin's Norse Heathen Page
Jordsvin is an American asatru man, who has a web page filled with various information about runes, seidr, asatru, mead recipes and all that - but above all - links, links, links...
In particular you can find a special page called Pages and Links about Seidhr.

Kalle Runristare
Kalle Dahlberg is a modern time viking, a genuine rune-carver of a very special kind. Renowned internationally for his marvelous runestones, on this page he shows some of his most magnificent work.
A site that entirely focuses on the Goddesses of the world. Of course there are some references to our Norse goddesses, although it could be much more of that.

Nytt om Runer
"Nytt om runer" is an achademical yearly publication (University of Oslo, since 1986) of the latest news in runic research. The main topics are: new runic finds, conferences and research projects, and runic bibliography.
They also have a homepage, to which this is a link.
If you are interested in the historical, archeological aspect of runes, this is a little treasure. The articles in the magazine, to which you can order a subscription from this homepage, are written in English, German, Danish, Norwegian and Swedish. And the bibliography is very extensive.

PAGAN - Pagan Top Links
On this page you can find links to a great number of different pagan sites on the net, all over the world. If you are particularly interested in Norse religion, you can go directly to the page PAGAN - Asatru Top Links

Ratatosk is a group of people, mainly in Stockholm, who practice the Nordic shamanic tradition. I was one of the three who started this network back in 1996, and it is still running.

Raven Online
Another site I found is a very informational and rather extensive site for "The Raven Kindred Association" I quote directly from their page - "The Raven Kindred Association is an organization for Asatru or traditional Icelandic/Norse Norse Paganism. Membership is available on both individual and kindred levels. The RKA stands for building a strong and viable Asatru community of sensible people living in the real world."

Ring of Troth
This is another American organization for Asatru, and as far as I know they are among the majority of non-racist groups. And to quote themselves: "The Troth is dedicated to exploring, practicing and promoting the pre-Christian religion of the Germanic peoples, who include the English, Norse, Icelanders, Swedes and Germans, among others."

Runes: Alphabet of Mystery
This is a page that page contains a lot of interesting articles, and a very good links page. Ingrid Halvorsen, the nice lady who runs this site, is also a part of the growing group of people who keeps a "nidstang" on her page. .

The Runic Journey
Jennifer Smith is a Canadian lady who has taken to our Scandinavian heritage, and she keeps a homepage with some information about runes, and a lot of nice things to purchase, such as sets of oracle runes.

A website about Astrology, Tarot and other forms of fortune-telling - including the use of runes.
A Danish website by a couple who arranges drum building workshops. They also make and sell handbuilt drums, rattles, feather fans, amulets and other shamanic paraphernalia.

Spirit of the Past
A Swedish website, with a shop for unique Viking and Medieval merchandise - pearls, beads, mammoth ivory and all kinds of interesting stuff

Stormy's Rune Page
A very nice site about runes - in English!

The Seidhman Rants
A gloriously consequent man who speaks with a deep conviction about seidh and Nordic Sed. Some of it has to be taken with a sense of humour, but I do respect his dedication.
And I truly appreciate his initiative to decorate his first page with a huge picture of a scarlet flycap mushroom. Heavy stuff!

A Danish website for drum-shamans. Here you can buy drums, CD's, rattles, books, amulets, get info on workshops and more...

Viking Homepage
A huge Swedish site, with texts, images and links, everything concerning the vikings - how they lived, travelled and faught. In English and Swedish.

Viking Navy
Peter Sjolander in California builds replicas of viking ships. On this site you can see how the viking ships were constructed, and how they have influenced boat constructions of today.

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