Grimner’s Nidstang

A nidstång against evil forces in society

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Yet another old custom has returned, and is now again in use in our modern day - on a number of websites a "virtual nidstang" has been put up.
This is a very powerful, ancient magic ritual, a curse with a power one should not use lightly and whimsically. At the present time these "nidstangs" has been put uo to defend our symbols and traditions from bewildered and misled miscreants, neonazis and other populistic crackpots who "borrows" our sacred symbols and make them into their own. We can't be silent and pretend this phenomena is not there anymore. When carrying a Swedish flag, or a Thor's hammer means taking the risk of being looked upon as a racist, and if carrying a suncross, or a rune, such as the Odal-rune, can get you arrested - then it is time to say stop, to draw the line. We can't let these fools steal our heritage and soil it with their abusive and stupid attitude!
Please read my "nid", and don't hesitate to write to me, send an e-mail if you want to support this important statement.

To put a "nid" on someone was a form of verbal curse, a magic ritual that was considered very powerful during the Viking age, and before that. The power of words was not taken lightly by these efficient warriors, so a curse of this kind was something very serious to send, not to speak of having a "nid" spoken over oneself.

In the Saga of Egil Skallagrimsson (an Icelandic/Norwegian story from the 10th century) a dispute is told about Egil and the King Eirik Blodyx ("Bloody axe"), who treated Egil wrongly, and also made him an outlaw. This turned out to become a rather bloody situation, with many dead on both sides.
When Egil has slain a large number of King Eiriks subjects and allies on the island of Herdla (outside Iceland), in anger he places a hazelwood pole on the top of this island, and on the top of the pole he places a cut off horse's head, aimed towards land. On the pole he carves sacred runes, with a curse upon King Eirik. He also speaks this curse, this "nid":

"Here I place this "nidstang" ("curse-pole"), and turneth it against King Eirik and Queen Gunnhild - turneth I this against all the gnomes and little people of the land, that they may all be lost, not finding their homes, until they drive King Eirik and Queen Gunnhild out of the country."

According to the legend, the curse soon had it's effect, and King Eirik and his Queen Gunnhild fled to the British Isles.


This "nid", this curse you can read here, is one in a chain of digital "Nidstangs", put up on websites around Scandinavia (Sweden, Norway and Denmark), and it is turned against everyone who mis-use and abuse our ancient sacred symbols, and soil our land with hatred and discord.

At the bottom of this page you will find links to the others who put up "nidstangs" around Scandinavia - and now also in other places, such as Germany and North America

I want to add that this curse is not turned exclusively on a certain, easily detected group of young men (with shaven heads and/or carrying swasticas and such), but against everyone who answers to the description in this "nid".

It is also very important to understand that this curse is not unconditional, that it is only meant to fall upon those who persist in their destructive behaviour.

Tolerance and forgiveness are important principles for any spiritually inclined person, and no innocent should indiscriminately be suffering from this curse.

It is also important to remember how the three great forces of society come together, making these misled persons much more powerful than they would have been on their own - politicians in cowardess and opportunism, businessmen and media in desire of sensations and profit.

    I curse!

    I curse all of them
    who soils our glorious land
    with unworthy actions

    I curse all of them
    who borrow sacred symbols
    Gungnir, Mjolnir and Sacred Staffs -
    Odins spear, Thors hammer
    and runes, given by Odins hand
    and soil them
    with unholy deeds.

    I curse all of them
    who in ugly costumes
    and shaven heads
    as well as suits
    and ties
    abuse the wisdom of our ancestors
    our ancient ways
    and our present faith.

    I curse all of them
    who wants to silent
    the mouths of others
    for themselves to be heard
    with their stupid bellowing

    I curse all of them
    who puts themselves above others
    because of their paleness
    who tramples on others
    because of the colour of their skin
    foreign language
    or a different faith

    Upon the heads of these miscreants
    I call all powers!

    I call upon the gnomes, and the little people
    to scratch their bodies
    and disturb their sleep.

    I call upon the elf-smiths
    to lay an iron ring
    around their chests
    giving little room for their spirit
    little room for breath
    to speak of evil

    I call upon the "rimthurses" (frostgiants)
    from the depth of Nifelhel
    That they may freeze to their death
    before they get a chance
    to freeze others out

    I call Surt and his "fire-thurses"
    That they may burn to their death
    before others may burn
    by their hands

    I call upon Loki
    That he may twist their vision
    so that they strike each other down
    before they strike anyone else down

    I call upon Freya
    So that these young men
    never may share a woman's bed
    and never have sons
    or daughters of their own
    as long as they want to hinder
    others to do just that

    And I call upon Frey
    That these young men
    have their manhood gelded,
    never being able to create anything good
    for themselves
    never getting peace
    or harvest
    as long as they want to hinder
    others to do just that

    I call upon Thor
    that he may protect us
    from demonic evil
    and I call upon his wrath
    against the miscreants
    who wants to cause pain to others

    I call upon Odin
    He who gave spirit
    to man and woman
    He who together with his brothers
    Honer and Lodur
    Gave life to man
    Body and Soul
    Ask and Embla
    Man and Woman

    I call upon Odin
    and the "Norns"
    Goddesses of destiny
    Urd, Verdandi and Skuld
    who altogether judges
    everyone after death
    that they may judge
    these miscreants hard
    and that they
    not even after their death
    may escape their deeds of evil
    against other sons and daughters
    of Ask and Embla

    I set this "nid"
    until these drooling servants
    of evil and ignorance
    do penance
    and let each and one
    stay by their land, their people
    and their faith
    wherever in our world
    they may choose to live.

    Grimner 1998-02-04
    (translated into English 1998-03-08)

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