Digital graphics
Digital graphics - what's that?

Digital graphics are: icons, animations, web graphics (such as banners for the Internet) and other things directly produced for software, CDROM-produktions, etc.
On this page you can see some samples of my work in the field of Digital Art.


Different categories of Digital Art:

  • Icons, buttons & illustrations
  • Net ad banners
  • GIF animations
  • A hobby that developed into becoming a great source of income is computer icon design. I have made a large amount of icons and buttons for different software companies in Sweden, Germany, England and U.S.A.
    If you want to see more of this, I would suggest you take a look at another of my websites; Calle's Custom Icons, where I show a large amount of icons I made, and from where you can download almost 2000 icons if you want (and a few Kaleidoscope schemes for you Mac-addicts).

    Calle’s Custom Icons


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