The word "photography" is Greek, and means writing - or painting - with light.
I have been an active photographer since my early teens in the 1970's, and learnt darkroom technique by a neighbour who was working as a technical consultant at Kodak. Foto

Since then my painting and photography has gone hand in hand, and I have often combined my photography with other work assignments.

My photo work is often a part of a larger project, also made by me. I am a graphic designer, and when I need pictures for a printed matter or a website, I can, and often do it myself. I also document a lot of my work with the camera, and many times I take pictures to use in the production of illustrations or other artwork.

In other words, my camera has always been an important worktool for me. During the last few years, pure photo assignments has taken a larger part of my professional visual work.

On my website Photo Gallery you can see a selection of my photographic work, as well as some examples of photo assignments, to what clients, and how my photography often is integrated Photo Gallery


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