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Printed Matter

Printed Matter is a wide definition.
On this page I show some samples of my work, things that has been produced to be reproduced many times - on paper, or on other materials. You will find magazines, flyers, posters, business cards, stickers, diplomas and medals -
and more...

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Porsche Club Sweden 2001

Invitation, schedule, folder and stickers.
For the 25th anniversary of Porsche Club Sweden
Illustration, design, layout, original.
I have designed stickers and related stuff for the club during a few years now, and in 2001 it became more, because of the anniversary.

Bumber stickers for Porsche Club Sweden

Bumber stickers for Porsche Club Sweden.
Illustration, layout, original.

The little EcoSoft book

The little EcoSoft book.
Concept, layout, original, illustration, photography.
A brochure for EcoSoft. Concept, layout, original, illustration, photography. EcoSoft is one of my major clients, since I design all their PR material, from pricelists and product info flyers to package design, from logotypes to signs.
Ah, and yes - their homepage.

Foldrar åt Arbetsförmedlingen Kultur/Media

Information folders for Arbetsförmedlingen Kultur/Media.
Illustration, copy, layout, original.
I made one folder, and then a couple of years later they moved, so then I made another one, with a different picture.

Arcana 1-96 Arcana 2-96 Arcana 3-96 Arcana 4-96

Arcana 1-97
Uppslag i Arcana
Concept, layout, illustration, etc.
Arcana was a magazine about Tarot and fortune-telling. I produced this magazine on my own during a period of a year and a half in 1996-1997. The idea was that also a "fanzine" with a teeny-weeny amount of issues sold could still have a professional layout, nice pictures and good articles to read.

Resan till Canterbury

Theatre poster.
Canterbury Tales - a theatre play I directed in 1994. Of course I couldn't resist making all the PR-material, such as posters, programs, flyers, etc.

Diploma, medals & pins.
Concept, illustration, layout, original.

In 1998 Scand-LAS, an inter-Nordic scientist organization gave me the job to develop some kind of award for those scientists that had distinguished themselves in the work of minimizing the suffering of laboratory animals, and also minimizing the amount of animals used for tests.

My work resulted in a serie of diplomas, medals and pins, in the choice of gold and silver.

These awards are given once a year to merited scientists who has made a particular effort in this way.


Medaljer & pins


Lunchcard for Gopal, a vegetarian restaurant.
Illustration, layout, original.
After designing the logo, they also had me making a sign, the menu, lunchcards, etc.
And boy, did I get a lot of good food!

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