distans India 1990-91
I did my first journey to India in 1990. It was my first time in Asia, and definitely the most intense clash of cultures ever.

But not too bad - I went back again the following year. And I have gone there again, a couple of times quite recently.

From a western, European point of view, India is completely insane – counterwise, upside-down, chaotic, poor, rich, beautiful, ugly, noisy, dirty – and absolutely fascinating.

A selection of my pictures from these trips were used as decoration by a restaurant in Stockholm - Little India.

Morgonljus vid Kusum Sarovara Båt vid Ganges strand, Navadvip, Bengal Liten souvenirbutik i Navadvip, Bengal Shiva Restaurant, Pushkar Fönster, Pushkar Fruktförsäljare, Vrindavan Lökförsäljare, Bombay Löökförsäljare, Bombay Pil