distans Jennie
My beloved wife, my best friend, my soul mate, my life. My muse, my greatest source of inspiration, my favourite model. The only person to whom I can never, ever be neutral.

Jennie prefers holding the camera rather than modeling, but I don't care. I never get tired of Jennie. Every single picture I have ever taken of Jennie is an act of ecstatic love and intense devotion. Always.

To me, Jennie will always be the most beautiful and desirable woman in the world – whatever mood she is in, if she sleeps or is awake, with or without clothes (although I prefer without...!), inside or outside, night or day.

I just LOVE Jennie!

I det Röda Rummet Leaning backwards Himlakropp Jeans Babe Tegelkvinnan Disco Dancing Queen Rygg Ligger i sängen Fötter i sängen Hand på fötter Trädkvinna Ner i sjön Lycklig baderska Doppar tån Svensk sommaridyll Vackra Jennie i Sandasjön Solbadare vid Sandasjön Pil