distans Food & Drink
Many of the images in this gallery was made for the web magazine Inspiritu (unfortunately no longer existant on the net), aiming at the subject of liquor, and related objects of pleasure (such as cheese and cigars).

But since the joy of food and drink are great pleasures to me personally, there are of course also plenty of pictures taken entirely on my own initiative and inspiration.

Grönsaker på marknaden i Cadillac Grönsaker från Ekolådan Grönsaker Lökar Soltorkade oliver Hötorgshallen Prinsesstårta Skådebröd Osttallrik 2 Pecorino-ostar Pecorino Barolo Gorgonzola Picante Franska ostar Franska ostar på marknaden i Cadillac Grappakomposition Flaskkomposition Grappaprovning Grappafärger Kryddat brännvin Glas Lillet Akkurats whiskyhylla Kvällste Pil