distans Art Nudes – Indoors & Studio
Artistic nude photography is something I have been doing almost my whole photographic career.

To capture the raw expression of a naked human body is to me everlastingly fascinating, something that never gets boring.

Nudity is not necessarily sexual, but sexuality is to me something very powerful and beautiful, something to be cherished and worshipped, not to be ashamed of, or to hide.

The BW images in this collection were made in the 1980's, and the colour images are from the 1990's up to the present.

Torso Sida Susanna med tyg Ungflicksbröst Kontrapost Introspektion Introspektion I ateljén Front På golvet På golvet Porträtt Kontrapost Stark man Färgstark man Flöjtist Movement Shining torso Shining torso Shining torso Pil