distans Art Nudes - outdoors
I just love nude art photography out in the nature. It's probably my favourite motif.

My very first nude pics was with a sweet girl on Långholmen 1981, an island in the middle of Stockholm (the first picture in this gallery). So I have been doing this some years.

But it's an in exhaustible subject, and I will hopefully continue to develop within this field as long as I can stand on my legs.

Anette, 1981 Mellan pelare Framför pelaren På piedestal På muren Klättrar Klättrar Behagfullt sittande Vid stranden Sittande i trädet Komposition Upp och ner i trappan På rygg Bauerhyllning Alvman bland klippor Alvman bland klippor Alvman bakom trädet Paradiset vid Ulvsjön Pil