Miscellaneous icons

Here you will find the Rune Icons, The Village, MacOS Icons and many other sets of colourful icons to download to your desktop.
You download each set of icons by clicking on the display image, or on the text "Download". Each set includes many more icons than the ones displayed.

Theatre Mask Icons display

Theatre Mask Icons
32-bit icons! (only MacOS 8.5 and later)
Being an old actor / director / drama teacher, it is really quite strange that this motif hasn't shown up earlier. Maybe I never thought I could make them good enough. Well, now the new 32-bit technique can make them look even better than they could before, so here they come!

Download. 8 icons

Apple September 99 Icons display

Apple September 99 Icons
where made as a comment to all the icon artists making hardware icons. I never thought of making a set of such icons, since it didn't interest me too much, it wasn't very much of a personal expression, and there are certainly other artists who can do it better.
But when the iBook and the G4 came on the scene, I couldn't resist it. I have made these in an oldfashioned 256 color ResEdit technique, so that all of you who haven't gone beyond Mac OS 8.5 still can enjoy them.

Download. 20 icons

Intricate Segments Icons display

Intricate Segments Icons
Again inspired by Brian Brasher, I investigated further different abstract patterns, and what I could do with them. I also used the idea from my previous "Segments Icons", to let different folders go together in intricate patterns - from two folders up to nine in the same place.

Download. 66 icons

Headache Icons display

The Headache Icons
Born from a splitting headache, these icons reflect the mind of someone with a severe pain in the upper region of the body. I think that anyone with migraine or a flu can easily identify with these icons.

Download. 10 icons

Black Knight Icons display

The Black Knight Icons
Read the adventurous story about King Ikthusius the III and Baron Carl of the Northern Territories - and adjoining the story you get a large set of icons.
This is a romantic version of the 13th century, in icon format.

Download. 41 icons

Calle's Chocolate Icons display

Calle's Chocolate Icons
Yes, I'm a sweet freak, and I love chocolate. How could you guess? Well, in this set of icons I have let myself go completely, swimming in chocolate. Now you can do it too - fill your desktop with chocolate bars (and gain a few pounds more).

Download. 20 icons

Ikthusianesque Icons display

Ikthusianesque Icons
As a tribute to one of the great legends in the art of icon design, I have made these icons in the style of Brian Brasher, alias Ikthusian.
For a while he left the web, and closed down his site. Now he is back. Check out Ikthusian on my linkpage.

Download. 19 icons

Smith & Wesson Icons display

Smith & Wesson Icons
A set of icons with firearms and accessories from Smith & Wesson. I had a brochure from S&W laying on my desk, and I thought it would be fun to try out making a set of icons based on this theme. So here they are.
Smith & Wesson also has a website of their own, so if you are interested in firearms you can go there and take a look.

Download. 17 icons

Native American Houses Icons display

Native American Houses
This set of icons is inspired by Sonny Del Castillo, who makes wonderful icons with Native American motifs. Since Sonny is a Caddo and Osage indian, I promised to make him an icon with a Caddo house. This grew a little (as it often does), and here are now a little set of houses from different corners of North America.

Download. 13 icons

The Village Icons display

The Village
Becoming a citizen of the wonderful little virtual city "IconTown" was truly inspiring, and made me construct some more houses - and tents! This set of icons will probably grow, and maybe divide into different sets. But this is the first for downloading.
This set of icons can also be found and downloaded at Matthew Kelleigh's site MacTown.
The Village have also recieved a Top10 Award from Jason Chong's ICONMANIAC site, where they in May 1998 came in as number two at his monthly top list.
This set has shrunk a little, due to a split and expansion into another set, the Native American Houses icons.

Download.15 icons

Magic Icons display

Magic icons
section anyway, since there are so many folders in this set.
The Magic Icons are made with the full use of ResEdit, and the combination of the 256 system colors with Mac icon colors. Experience the magic when you click one of these icons - secret messages may appear!
ATTENTION! The "Macic" effect does not work in MacOS 8.5.

Download. 27 icons

Diskette icons display

Diskette icons
Regular diskette icons are so incredibly boring. Improve the look of your desktop even a little bit more by decorating your diskettes. And surprise the recievers of diskettes you give away!

Download. 33 icons

Zip Disk Icons display

Zip Disk icons
Not only regular diskette icons are boring, but also Zip disk icons. This set of desktop improvements have similar motifs and colors as the Diskette icons, only on improved Zips.

Download. 33 icons

Mac OS icons display

Mac OS icons - Expanded and revised (990430)
My own personal versions of the Mac OS logo. Includes different expressions, characters and colours.

Download. 22 icons

Rune Icons display

Rune icons
A very elaborate set of rune icons. Includes a lot of bonus stuff, as patterns and textfiles about the runes.
This set of icons has recieved a Stardust Award at Sara's Icon Parade, and can also be found and downloaded from there.
If you want to know more about runes, you can check out another page of mine - Grimner's Runes.

Download. 36 icons

Automotive icons display

Automotive icons
Different icons with all kinds of motifs concerning cars.

Download. 31 icons

Volvo PV & Duett icons display

Volvo PV & Duett icons
Being a Volvo Duett owner, I just had to make some icons with my own car. This has expanded, and here is the result - a set with many Volvo icons.

Download. 12 icons

Chevrolet icons display

Chevrolet icons
The automotive icons expanded so much so I thought I would divide them into different sets. So here is a set of icons with Chevrolet motifs.

Download. 14 icons

Body parts 1 icons display

Body parts 1
A set of icons based on photos from my own production, with the theme of close-ups of the human body. The Body parts 1 and 2 was previously one set, but they have been divided into two sets, and expanded.

Download. 20 icons

Body parts 2 icons display

Body parts 2
A set of icons based on drawings from my own production, with the theme of close-ups of the human body.
Some of these icons may be considered slightly erotic - a warning to all you who still, at the verge of the 21st century, see the human body and sexuality as something shocking and immoral.

Download. 18 icons

Swedish Roadmarks icons display

Swedish Roadmarks
This set shows most of the roadmarks used in Swedish traffic today. No English translation, so if you don't read Swedish - sorry, folks.
This is one of my oldest icon sets, completely drawn in Photoshop, but they are now edited through ResEdit, for clarity and function.
This set of icons has recieved a Stardust Award at Sara's Icon Parade, and can also be found and downloaded from there.

Download. 95 icons

Art Icons display

Art icons
Some of my favourite artists of the 20th century, in icon format. And I couldn't resist making an "icon-icon".

Download. 18 icons

Miscellaneous Icons display

Miscellaneous Icons
This is my most heterogenous collection of icons. Most of them were designed for a particular purpose. Some of them are very old, from when I began drawing icons, and some of them are rather new, which of course results in a large variation, also regarding quality - but they are all unique. So I still hope that you may find one or many icons that will suit your taste.

Download. 51 icons

People Icons display

People icons
Different icons with images of people. One of my oldest icon sets.

Download. 27 icons

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