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A short summary in English, about Ratatosk

What is Ratatosk?

Ratatosk was created in the summer 1996, and is a small network group for people who are specifically interested in Scandinavian shamanism, asatru, runes, rune magic, rune oracle work, seid etc., and of course Ratatosk has it's own web page.
Different members of Ratatosk regularly arrange ceremonies, at times like summer and winter solstice, and other pagan rituals.
We are geographically based in Stockholm, and most of our activities are in Stockholm. Consequently, there will be very little material about Ratatosk in English. But on this page we try to give an overview for those interested.

In Yggdrasil, the world tree,

there is a squirrel who runs up and down, from root to crown. His name is Ratatosk, and he is a messenger between the worlds. He speaks to everyone, from the Eagle and the Aesir and Vanir in the top to the old Goddesses Urd, Skuld and Verdandi - and Nidhogg, the terrible dragon - at the root, in Helheim, and he can move freely from fire to ice, and all in between the both.

So in the same way as Ratatosk in his smallness and lightness runs around on the still-standing world tree, we move around easily on the foundation built by Ratatosk's predecessors, the old Yggdrasil network. Several members of the old group has now joined Ratatosk, which assures us of continuity and maturity in our shamanic work and exploration.

Shamanism as spiritual path has today exploded in popularity, among more people than ever before, and a new generation with a keen interest in the shaman's path needs a place for activities and communication. Hence this network.

Ratatosk's basic purpose is as a network - that anyone who is interested in the ancient forms of Scandinavian shamanism and rune magic, can always find others with the same interest. If a member of Ratatosk is going to give a lecture or a workshop, or wants to arrange a ceremony for some purpose - a seid or a wedding - and wants company or help, or need help (or can offer help) with dowsing, rune oracles, sweat lodges or something else, we can call other members in the network, and thereby get what we need and want. Ratatosk is supposed to be a resource, not a ball and chain of duties and administration.

Ratatosk has now existed since summer 1996, and from this a large number of ceremonies and events of a great diversity of activities has come.
So far Ratatosk has been only a network with practically no organization, except for a phone- and address list. For many reasons, for a while we decided to make it an official organization - but that went nowhere, so now we have moved back to an even more informal and improvised way of working.

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